About Us

Kenny and I met in second grade when we both had Mrs. Fisher.  However, the first time Kenny admits he had a crush on me was in fifth grade in Mrs. Hudson’s class.  Sadly, I “broke his heart” when I wasn’t interested.  In my defense, I was completely terrified of boys in general and was not really interested in anyone.  Throughout middle school and early high school we didn’t have much interaction, but shared an extended group of friends.  Late in our junior year of school I started to hang out more with the group of friends Kenny was closer to.  Throughout our senior year, we had more and more interaction and eventually ended up going to senior prom together.  Before prom, Kenny took me to Ralph’s Italian Ice and asked me if I’d like to be “more than friends”.  I said yes despite my nervousness and skepticism about getting involved with someone right before leaving for college.  We officially became “boyfriend and girlfriend” (this is so funny to think about now) on June 7, 2004, two days after prom.  We spent the first year of college apart- I was at Rutgers and Kenny was at Rowan.  Kenny transferred to Rutgers sophomore year (not just because of me, though I like to think I was a contributing factor) and dated through the rest of college and beyond.  Kenny supported me through the craziness of my immediate post-college life in NYC and subsequent health issues afterwards.  We moved into our first apartment together in Fair Lawn, NJ in October of 2009.  In October of 2010 we moved to our current apartment in New Milford, NJ.  We’ve spent the last eight years growing up and growing together and could not be more excited to continue growing in love.


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